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Looking for hiking tours in the Park City Area? Utah Outdoor Adventures would love to take you out for a scenic hike through the aspen groves, pine trees, and wildflowers in Park City. Park City offers hundreds of miles of hiking trails from which you can choose from novice to expert levels. We have trails with views and vistas, dense woods and forests, rivers and waterfalls, and old historic mining sites. Beginners and “hardcore” adventurers alike will be delighted with Utah Outdoor Adventures’ experience in matching terrain with ability, level of challenge, and other desires. Share with us what you would like to accomplish on your adventure and we will make it happen. Call 1-801-703-3357 to schedule your adventure!

Private Hiking Tours

$85/person (2 or more people private hike)
Various Trail Options 2 Hours Photo Opportunities
Stunning Scenery

From evergreen forests to snow capped mountain peaks, streams and lakes

Enjoy Nature

Peace and quiet exploring the Utah's spectacular rocky mountain landscape

Transportation Included

Shuttle to and from your location to the trailhead is included

Bring Your Camera

Unlimited photo opportunities and wildlife viewing possibilities

How Hiking Tours Work

Overview of a typical hiking tour

What We Provide

Provided by your guide will be transportation, poles, water, and snacks. Your guide will pick you up at your lodging location. He or she will discuss your trail options in full. After hearing your options, you will decide which trail you want to hike.

What to Bring.

Unless we’re guiding you on some beautiful flat terrain, you should wear good sturdy hiking boots or trail shoes. Bring a hat and sunglasses. Dress in layers so you can add or take off layers depending on weather changes. Utah has a very high UV index, and sunscreen is important to protect your skin.

The Experience

On your hike, you will see aspen groves that stretch for acres. The forests and surrounding area is teaming with wildlife. We may even see a moose out strolling on the trail. It is common to see deer, grouse, chipmunks, and other critters of that kind. Park City also has red-tailed and other hawks, bald eagles, golden eagles, turkey vultures and many more birds to enjoy.

At the beginning of the summer, everything is still relatively lush and green from the spring snow melt and showers. Temperatures in Park City are very pleasant as it rarely reaches into the upper 90’s during the hottest part of the summer, and cool nights are common. As trails crisscross back and forth through the mountains, you will see different views and vistas. Mountain tops surround the area in a 360-degree radius. The wildflower season in PC is a short one. Some trails cut right through dense patches of multi-colored flowers. As the cool mountain air fills your lungs, you smell the light aroma of the surrounding flowers. When you exhale, you feel a total sense of relief as all your worries melt away. Toward the end of the summer, fall colors take over. Aspen trees turn a bright yellow, shrub oak trees go through phases of green, red, orange, yellow. While the pine trees stay green, the contrast of the blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and the rest of the scenery makes everything stand out more vibrantly and beautifully.

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