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Utah Outdoor Adventures was created through love and passion for the great outdoors, the surrounding area of Utah, and the desire to serve and cater to others. As more and more people discover the wonders of Park City, more activities and guided services with a custom twist are needed. Utah Outdoor Adventures focuses on outdoor experiences for small private groups – families, couples, organizations, and friends; not large groups of strangers thrown together. Guides at Utah Outdoor Adventures have been selected for their vibrant personalities and strong social, customer service, and outdoor adventure skills. We ensure that every adventure with UOA will be a successful adventure!

About the Owner / Head Guide – Tyler McGavin

Born in Salt Lake City, Tyler worked and played at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort from 1996-2004 while finishing high school and some college. Moving to new opportunities as a waiter and guide, he lived in places such as Hawaii, St. Thomas, Costa Rica, Alaska, Maine, Jackson Hole, WY, and Park City, Utah. With over 20 years in the service industry, Tyler has refined his service-oriented skills in fine dining restaurants and as a river guide for the past four years. Clients find that his attentiveness to their needs and responsiveness to their questions leads to maximum satisfaction for those he serves. To him, communication is all about asking the right questions and listening. Anybody can guide or serve tables, but it is the service professional’s personality, class, positive attitude, and friendliness that sets clients’ experiences apart. Choosing your outdoor outfitter and guide is so important to the overall experience of your adventure while in Park City. Come spend a day with Utah Outdoor Adventures and let us create an adventure that you will always remember!

Park City Transportation and Concierge Services

Utah Outdoor Adventures has the flexibility of driving anywhere within 300 miles of Park City. If you are camping or looking to rent camping gear, doing overnight, or multiple day trips, need a shuttle ride from one adventure to the next, please call and ask. You will be speaking to a life long local. We can guide/drive you where we are permitted. Where we are not permitted, we can refer you to another guiding service that can. Moab, Utah is roughly 250 miles south and Jackson Hole, Wyoming is about the same distance in the other direction. Between those two places, you will find more activities and diverse landscape changes than anywhere else in the world. Park City is located right in the middle of these two locations and serves as a great hub. SLC International Airport is only 25 minutes away from Park City and provides great access to the area. Maybe you are coming out to Utah and do not want a guided tour, but want a service where somebody helps you book or plan your trip for you, UOA could certainly help with that. Your trip will be planned by a local, with a local’s perspective and an intimate knowledge of the area, Therefore offering clients a more comprehensive, customized trip that suits their needs. We can help you plan your trip anywhere in Utah or direct you to the best guides and outfitters in each area. UOA can help with car and lodging rentals, and much more. Call now and let Utah Outdoor Adventures help you with your next adventure vacation to Utah!

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