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Scenic Weber River Rafting Trips in Park City Utah

Park City Rafting Trips on the Weber River

Utah Outdoor Adventures offer Park City Rafting Trips on the Weber River (class II – III rapids) with a better client-to-guide ratio and a better overall river rafting experience! UOA is the only commercial Park City rafting outfitter offering Weber river rafting tours with your own private boat. This beautiful river is perfect for families, first-timers, adults and children. It’s a great introduction to Park City rafting and the famous Weber River class II – III rapid known as Taggart Falls. The scenery you will see is beautiful! When you choose Utah Outdoor Adventures, you can enjoy your rafting trip with your private group, not with 40 other strangers and ten other boats.

Park City Rafting on the Weber River in Utah

Weber River Private Rafting Costs

$60 per adult
$45 per child
Private Boat starting @ $225
Transportation optional – $80 per vehicle

Whats Included?

10 Miles of Rafting with Certified Guide (3 hrs.).
Offering the Longest Half-Day River Trip.
Private Boat for Your Group.
High-Def Action Photos.
Water and Snacks.
Paddles Jackets.


If you cancel within 24 hours or more, or weather becomes an issue, 100% of your money will be refunded. NO REFUND will be given if cancellation is under 24 hours.

Park City Rafting – What Will The Day Consist of…?

We will pick you up at your lodging location at a set time. We’ll drive Northeast 45-minute drive into the Uinta National Forest foothills. When we get to the put-in spot, you can expect 10 minutes of gear preparation, shuttling the SUV and trailer to their location (about 15 minutes). Your Weber River Rafting Guide will conduct a safety speech showing you how to use your rafting gear in a safe manner and, how to handle any mishaps (which are extremely rare!). Depending on how fast the Weber river is flowing (May – July – high water), weather, and other factors, the Weber River rafting trip will take around 3 hours. All of UOA’s river guides are First Aid and CPR certified, and highly experienced.

What to Wear on My Excursion. The summer can bring variable weather and temperatures. Typical daytime highs in July and August are in the 90’s, but occasionally can be as low as the 60’s. The day may start out relatively cool but quickly heat up by mid-morning. You may want to bring a warm top to start the day, but have a light layer or bathing suit underneath to rely on later. During the summer, Park City is blessed with sunny and dry weather, however, there are occasional afternoon thunderstorms that may pop up. You may want to bring a rain jacket if the weather predicts rain during your adventure. Be sure to check the local weather forecast trip to help you plan for the weather.

Private 13 and 11 Foot River Rafts with GearHere are some tips to help you make your Park City rafting adventure the most comfortable and fun:

  • Wear clothing that will dry quickly. Swimsuits, nylon shirts and shorts, and other synthetic clothing is recommended; cotton and blue jeans are not recommended.
  • Use footwear that will dry within a reasonable amount of time. We recommend rubberized or nylon-based sandals that secure to your foot, or river shoes. Flip flops may get lost.
  • The elevation of the Weber River is about 5,300 feet where we put in around Henefer, UT. There is plenty of sunshine, it’s a good idea to bring a hat and sunscreen that will protect you from sunburn.
  • UOA will have some extra sunscreen and plenty of water for everyone!

A Little Extra Detail About Your River Rafting Adventure: We will navigate class II-III rapids, dodge a lot of rocks, and enjoy beautiful scenery and wildlife. We’ll encounter diverse landscape changes including Devils Slide, farmlands and mountains. You will experience a canyon where we encounter a “rock garden” which is the most technical section of the Weber River. It will be very interactive as we dodge big rocks in some fast current.

Through the next section of the Weber River, we will encounter limestone formations unique to Utah. We will have some more rock dodging and, flat-water sections to relax. The last rapid on the Weber River is Taggart Falls, one of the several class II-III rapids we’ll encounter. Here we will splash through the rapids as we dodge more rocks.

When we are done with your rafting trip, it will take about 5-10 minutes to dry off and load up, and it will be another 45 minutes back to your lodging location. Depending on all the variables mentioned, you should plan on being out 4-5 hours from door to door.

Memories! UOA has three Go Pro video cameras and a digital SLR camera to help capture your adventure down the Weber River. There will be photographs included with every trip.


Google Map Pin Drops and Directions for Easy Navigation

Weber River Meet-Up Locations: Gate Entrance & Put-In

Directions to the Weber River Put-In.

If you scheduled the 9:00 am trip, leave Park city no later than 8:00 am.
If you scheduled the 1:00 pm trip leave park city no later than 12:00 noon.

Henefer is the town we launch from!

I-80 E.
I-84 W exit 168.
First Henefer exit 115, take left off exit.
Then, take a left onto the S Echo frontage road… The road in between the highway and the river! You should have the river on the right side and the highway on your left! Pass the Weber crossing camp ground… 400 yards past the campground you will find a small gate take a right and drive right through high country raft spot out to the south side of the field and we will see you there! (You can follow the sign for high country rafting spot, but drive right through there spot to my spot!)There are a couple places on the way out cops are typically pulling people over for speeding! Heads up and give yourself enough time!


Educational Section

How to Put on a Life Jacket

Life jackets saves lives. Although the Weber river is only a class II, it is strongly recommended to wear a PFD while rafting. This is a quick video on how to put on a life jacket.